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"BAYTRADE" FZE is based in United Arab Emirates. "BAYTRADE" FZE operates and specializes supply Chain of food products. Our aim is to provide best quality and service with competitive prices. Therefore "BAYTRADE" FZE proudly represents Turkish and Ukrainian operations in Middle East, Turkey and Africa. All our companies produces and manufactures at state of art facilities with quality certificates. "BAYTRADE" FZE is official representing partner of: PJSC "Pology OEP", Ukrainian holding "AVIS". "BAYTRADE" FZE also work directly with many producers in food sector from Ukraine, Turkey, Russia.

"BAYTRADE" FZE is official representing partner of the PJSC "Pology OEP" in UAE, GCC, ME, Paistan. We offer best-quality sunflower oil products for final consumers and for producers-processors. Products for export: Sunflower Oil Refined Bottled (private label), Sunflower crude oil bulk, Sunflower Refined oil in Flexi Tanks, Sunflower crude oi inl Flexi Tanks, Soy crude oil, Sunflower meal 39%-42%. 



Sunflower oil products:

Sunflower Oil Refined Bottled

Sunflower Oil Unrefined Bottled

Sunflower crude oil bulk

Sunflower Refined oil in Flexi Tanks

Sunflower Unrefined oil in Flexi Tanks

Sunflower High Oleic Refined oil in Flexi Tanks

Sunflower High Oleic crude oil in Flexi Tanks

Sunflower others products:

Sunflower meal with protein 39%-42%

Margarine products:

Soft Margarine

Spread light butter

Margarine Monoliths 

Culinary fats:

Culinary Fats

Modified fats


We are ready to supply products under beneficial terms and basis - FCA, CFR/CIF. Our prices directly from the producer and always actual for our regional ports. If you have any orders or questions please contact us  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please take into account that we process only requests arranged properly.   

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