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Pology Oil Extraction Plant PJSC is a high-tech enterprise featuring full production cycle. Pology Oil Extraction Plant PJSC is one of the largest vegetable oil and meal producers in Ukraine. Since the plant was opened in 1974 our main business goal has always been manufacture of high quality products that meet consumer requirements. Pology OEP products are made on modern equipment from environmentally friendly raw foods only. Thorough control at every stage of production process guarantees consistently high quality of products.

Baytrade FZE acts as official representing office in UAE, GCC, ME and Pakistan. 

Today, Pology Oil Extraction Plant’s products are highly competitive and greatly valued by consumers in not only Ukraine but also in the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Baltic States, India, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Jordan, ME and GCC. 

Advanced technologies, excellent product quality, fulfillment of all commitments, professional hardworking team, and respect of partners – all that is company’s visiting card!

Today, the plant represents an integrated complex of production and ancillary departments that process, or support processing of, sunflower, soybean, and rape seeds. Pology Oil Extraction Plant features full oil-bearing crop processing cycle: from receipt, storage, and preconditioning of seeds to complete oil purification and subsequent packaging.

The plant’s organization includes the following main departments: preparatory, oil extraction, oil refining, and oil packaging. Plant has own storage facilities for raw materials and finished products: 75,000-ton seed elevator, 4500-ton meal elevator, 22,000-ton oil tank yard, and finished products storage facility. The main production facilities are supported by ancillary departments and services: power supply, rail transport, motor transport, production equipment maintenance, local treatment facilities, controlling and measuring instrumentation and automatic control service. State-of-the-art equipment, advanced technologies, the latest control methods, and management systems are the key factors contributing to the plant’s consistently high-quality product output.


The plant’s production processes are fully compliant with ISO 9001:2008 requirements, which allows to meet the needs of customers to the fullest extent possible. Plant have also implemented the DSTU 4161:2003 food safety management system that guarantees safety of Pology Oil Extraction Plant’s products.

Pology Oil Extraction Plant PJSC produces bottled P-grade refined deodorized frozen out and high-grade unrefined frozen out sunflower oil under own trademarks (Slavia, Smachna Kraplia) and other private labels for the leading retail chains and large distribution companies.

Today, Pology Oil Extraction Plant PJSC is the national leader in terms of quality of sunflower meal. Pology OEP is the only producer of sunflower meal in Ukraine that guarantees protein content in dry matter of at least 42%.



Pology Oil Extraction Plant have product lines for final consumers and for producers-processors.

For final consumers: Sunflower Oil Refined Bottled (private label).

For producers-processors: Sunflower Refined oil in Flexi Tanks, Sunflower crude oil in Flexi Tanks, Sunflower crude oil bulk, Sunflower meal. 

You are welcome to find out more about company and to explore the full range of products. We will be happy to make our contribution to Your success.

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